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The Experience To Protect Your Rights

Photo of Jeanne M. Frazee

The Experience To Protect Your Rights

Maintaining A Successful Family Business During Divorce

Family businesses are at the heart of the American dream, but owning a family business can mean divorce puts your livelihood at stake. Regardless of who started or operated the business, some or all of the business may be marital property and need to be valued and divided.

I am Jeanne Frazee. My goal as your lawyer is to ensure that you are able to thrive after your divorce. Properly evaluating and dividing complicated assets like a business is key to your future.

I have spent almost 30 years as an attorney representing metro Detroit business owners during divorce. With my extensive family law knowledge, I can provide you with the counsel and context you need during this time in your life. Minimize your stress by working with me. Email me and let me know about your situation.

Are You Accurately Evaluating Your Business’s Worth?

A business is more than just a storefront. Inventory, investments, employment and potential growth all have a role in business valuation. There are many ways to evaluate a business’s worth. Realistically, applying multiple methods helps create a complete picture of your business. At the Law Offices of Jeanne M. Frazee, I utilized recognized experts to assist in:

  • Accounting for your business’s known assets
  • Determining the  business expenditures
  • Evaluating your business’s market value

Once you have a full business valuation, you can make wise choices about how to divide your business. The Law Offices of Jeanne M. Frazee regularly works with the business community. I have resources to properly account for your business’s full worth.

Ensure Your Property Division Negotiations Are Fair

Divorces are emotional. Dividing your family business only adds to those emotions. Make sure you have a calming presence during negotiations. Reach out to my office at 734-234-1868. From my Livonia office, I provide comprehensive divorce services to families across the metropolitan Detroit region.