Moving Forward After Divorce

You need to focus on yourself during a divorce. Redefining yourself and learning to move forward into a new life is difficult enough without the legal issues. That is why at Law Offices of Jeanne M. Frazee I provide complete and comprehensive legal services. I have practiced family law in Livonia and the northwest suburbs of Detroit for almost 30 years. I can help you maintain your dignity and protect yourself during the emotionally taxing divorce process. I pay attention to the details so that you do not struggle with the permanent consequences of a legal misstep. Most importantly, I promise that I will tell you the truth, even when it is difficult to hear.

What You Need To Know About Divorce In Michigan

Divorce in Michigan is based on a process called “no-fault divorce.” This means that you do not need to prove anything to be granted a divorce. But divorce is a lengthy process, even in the best of circumstances. I help you take care of yourself by creating practical solutions. I can help you determine:

  • The ideal child custody and visitation agreement when you and your spouse have children
  • A fair and practical way to divide your shared property, including innovative solutions for complicated assets like retirement accounts and pensions
  • Who is responsible for any debts you and your spouse incurred during your marriage
  • Equitable agreements for spousal support

I am attorney Jeanne M. Frazee. I am known across the Detroit area for my attention to detail. I will work with you to create a holistic solution to your divorce needs.

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I want you to make wise decisions for your future. I do this by giving you the tools you need, including honest answers. I prioritize your needs and values during divorce proceedings. Use my extensive family law experience to your advantage. Reach out to me at 734-234-1868 or online and set up your appointment.