Creating Fair And Effective Property Division Agreements

Divorce is an emotional time. All too often, property division discussions are where the emotions come to the forefront. You need an advocate who understands your needs and priorities and who can separate out the emotional energy. At the Law Offices of Jeanne M. Frazee, I help keep you on the path to a fair and enforceable property division agreement.

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Understanding Asset Division

Michigan courts try to ensure that, during a divorce, the court treats both parties fairly. When dividing assets, this means that they are looking for a fair agreement, not necessarily a perfectly equal division. This is often referred to as “equitable division of assets.” Even in a fair arrangement, the outcomes can be complex.

All marital property is subject to division. This can include many common types of property, like a house and vehicles. It also includes property or funds gained over the course of your marriage. If you and your spouse own a business, have accrued retirement accounts or have accrued debt during the marriage, the resulting financial benefits or burdens can be divided.

Put Yourself On The Path To A Better Future

Moving on is not easy. Fair treatment during your divorce can ease the process. As your legal advocate, I will protect your interests throughout asset division and more. Speak with me today.