Providing Legal Stability During Life Changes

Your life will change. Children grow, incomes change and families move. Any of these life changes can necessitate a court order modification. As your attorney, I help you return to regular life as quickly as possible. I can help you reevaluate your circumstances and identify when custody, support and other legal agreements no longer work for your situation.

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When Do You Need A Modification?

The Michigan legal community knows that many arrangements will need to be altered over the course of a person’s life. When you are prepared, modifications can be relatively quick processes, especially if everyone is aware of the proposed changes. Some examples of life changes impacting legal agreements may include:

  • Adapting a custody agreement after a parent moves a significant distance
  • Altering child support agreements when there is a change in a parent’s income
  • Updating spousal support agreements when incomes change, a spouse becomes employed or unemployed, etc.

After a significant life change, the courts will allow you to seek a modification. A quality attorney can ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible and that you and your life return to stability.

Call My Office For Modification Help

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