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Photo of Jeanne M. Frazee

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Is a collaborative divorce the right move for you?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2021 | Divorce |

Not all divorces are Thunderdome showdowns. Sometimes, marriage dissolutions are “conscious uncouplings” where animosity isn’t a factor. In these peaceful situations, a Michigan collaborative divorce may be the way to go.

What is a collaborative divorce?

In collaborative divorces, a team of experts simultaneously works with both sides to facilitate the dissolution of marriage. Typically, family law attorneys, accountants, and investment planners participate in the process. If children’s needs are a consideration, a parenting coordinator or child psychologist may take part. In most cases, collaborative divorce negotiations are confidential, and everyone agrees not to file court pleadings unless the process is unalterably unsuccessful.

Stages of collaborative divorce

Every divorce is different. One couple may only need four stages while another needs eight, but generally speaking, there are six stages of the collaborative divorce process:

• Step 1: Hire lawyers
• Step 2: Sign the collaborative divorce negotiation agreement
• Step 3: Pick the professional team
• Step 4: Hold discussions and negotiations
• Step 5: Sign divorce settlement
• Step 6: Lawyers prepare court papers for divorce documents

Benefits of collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorces have their benefits. Most people who choose the option value the confidential nature of the process, and in almost all cases, the divorcing couple never has to set foot in a courtroom. Plus, collaborative divorces often cost less than litigation, take less time to finalize, and they may even be easier on children.

The collaborative divorce process is something to consider if your separation is an amicable one. Many people who chose the option say it’s easier on the mind, body, and wallet.