Do millennials living together face a high risk of divorce?

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Living together represents a typical step before marriage for many Michigan millennials. Of course, living together is nothing new, as the “pre-marriage arrangement” gained popularity decades ago. People and lifestyles change over the years, and millennials might find themselves dealing with a unique problem. Younger persons who move in together before marriage sometimes find themselves at a greater risk for a divorce.

Living arrangement woes and divorce rates

Millennials choosing to live together before marriage might unknowingly set a course for a divorce filing based on actions early in the relationship. Living together without long-term plans might lead to a breakup down the road. Couples that casually share the same dwelling and then segue into marriage might find things fall apart.

Before living together, younger couples may wish to sit down and think about the years ahead. They might not have thoughts about retirement planning or future career goals, but those responsibilities could arise sooner than expected. If a marriage isn’t ready for one or both spouse’s new goals or obligations, the marital bond may crumble.

Thinking marriage through

Younger couples might find value in seriously thinking about marriage and lifetime plans together. Would-be spouses may sit down to discuss whether to have children and how many. Couples far apart on having children or not could end up in divorce proceedings unexpectedly.

A visit to a counselor might provide insights on how to move the relationship forward. Perhaps marriage is not the right move for a particular couple.