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Michigan custody and parenting time defined

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Child Custody |

Residents of Livonia and other nearby cities may want to learn more about how the Michigan Department of Health & Human Resources regards parenting time in relation to child custody. They law defines the custodial parent as the one who has the child living with them and is the provider of their primary care. Different types of custody arrangements are possible, and the court must decide which one they will order.

According to state family law, parenting time is time spent with the child. Custody and parenting time are under the order of the circuit court of the county where the parent lives.

What happens when a parent does not obey the parenting time order?

You must contact the Friend of the Court and request enforcement. They begin action when they receive a written complaint. You may also file a motion with or without the use of an attorney.

What happens when other parent does not make support payments?

You must continue to uphold court-ordered parenting time. You must still allow the parenting time that was part of an order by the court.

What about a child not living with custodial parent?

If your child is not living with the custodial parent, you must still make the payments ordered by the court. This will be until the order has change from the court. The Friend of the Court may be of help in your case.

When a parent refuses to see their child

The Friend of the Court may not force a parent to see their children. Forging a positive relationship with the parent may require mediation, counseling or the filing of a motion that will change the child custody parenting time order.

When a parent refuses to return the child

If the child is not returned per the parenting time order, you should contact the police. Otherwise, you may contact the prosecuting attorney and ask that there be a kidnapping charge filed.

Parenting time, as ordered by the court, is a serious matter. Issues may result in a new order or even a charge of kidnapping in extreme cases.