Parenting time complaints in Michigan

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Parents are encouraged to work together when it comes to parenting time and setting disputes regarding childcare. However, there are times when parents are not able to resolve their issues and need to utilize a Friend of the Court. Parents can file written complaints and send these complaints to the Friend of the Court within 30 days. If you’re a Michigan resident, here are some important things to keep in mind when it comes to parenting time.

What to include in your claim

Your parenting time complaint should include the names of both parents, the case number and a suggestion for resolving the complaint. You must be specific as possible, including the date that you were denied time with your child and a description of the violation if you chose to keep a child away from their other parent.

A Friend of the Court may schedule an appointment with you and your child’s other parent to resolve the conflict. After meeting with you, the Friend of the Court investigator may propose a 21-day rule to settle your parenting time issue. The Friend of the Court may also send a notice of violation to the other parent and request that the parent responds in a 21-day period. This process is often beneficial for parents who want to resolve disagreements.

Referee hearings

If a parenting time issue cannot be resolved using the above method, both parents will have to attend a Referee Hearing. If you and your ex are not able to come to a resolution before the referee does, you’ll receive an order to appear with the referee under the 21-day rule. If you or your child’s other parent file an objection with the Court Clerk within 21 days after the Referee’s Proposed Order is issued, the matter will be scheduled for a hearing before a judge.