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Factors to consider when creating a parenting schedule

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Child Custody |

Parents in Michigan who are no longer together want the best for their children. Splitting their time with the child is a big priority. It means creating a good parenting schedule. Certain factors should be considered when doing that.

Each parent’s schedule

The schedule of each parent should be a consideration in creating a parenting schedule. If one parent works at unusual hours or over the weekend, it could impact how often they are available. Parenting time might have to be adjusted in an unusual way to accommodate them. For example, if one parent works consistently on Saturdays and Sundays, they would need to have time with the child on weekdays.

Holidays and special occasions

In addition to holidays, all children have certain days that are considered special between them and a parent. The schedule could be created so that the child can spend certain special days with one parent when those days hold a significant meaning for them.

The child’s daily schedule and activities

The child’s daily schedule and regular activities are important when determining which parent spends quality time with the child and when it happens. Perhaps one parent is more involved in certain extracurricular activities the child partakes in such as sports. It might be better to create a schedule that addresses those activities and the level of involvement of the parent in question.

The child’s needs

As a child gets older, their needs naturally change. Parenting schedules should reflect those changing needs. What worked when the child was 5 years old might not work once the child turns 10. Modifying the parenting time schedule might be necessary based on the changing needs of the child.