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Factors you should consider when determining parenting time

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2021 | Divorce |

Being a parent in Michigan is highly rewarding. However, when you are going through a divorce or split from your unwed partner, you will have to determine how you will both parent your child. Creating a parenting plan with your ex is a good way to help your child adjust. There are certain things you should consider when you create this plan.

Think about how your child feels

It’s important to consider how your child feels when creating a parenting time plan. They will be shuffling from your home to your ex’s and back and forth, which can be difficult at times. They will have to adjust to being in two homes. Think about what they’ll gain in addition to what they will miss and minimize any issues.

Consider the logistics

If you and your ex live fairly close to one another, it can make things easier for both of you and your child. Consider the transportation factor and traveling back and forth between homes while the school year is in session. You may also want to consider whether a babysitter or other childcare provider is easily available and that you and your ex both trust them.

Consider your child’s schedule

A big factor in creating a parenting time plan should be your child’s schedule. If they have any after-school or seasonal activities, you may want to keep those in mind. Your plan should work around these things instead of forcing your child to miss participating in them.

Should your child be involved?

You might want to consider whether your child should be involved in the process of creating the parenting plan. If you allow them to participate, it can be empowering and make them feel included. Of course, this is more practical if your child is older.

Consider special needs

If your child has special needs, they should always be a huge factor. Consider what’s best for them in their daily life and how you can help them do their best.